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Conflict Resolution Program

Conflict Resolution ProgramThe Kes-Ra Conflict Resolution model focuses on teaching how to facilitate a peaceful and agreeable ending to disagreements. Developing the skills needed to listen to conflict and understand individual or group perceptions, is paramount to resolving disagreement.

This class looks at how misunderstandings can occur and what we can do to avoid them. If conflict arises, how we can move past it in an agreeable way for all parties, that includes strategies to hear and be heard. Active listening, generating ideas for win-win outcomes and getting consensus for agreement are some of the core areas we develop in the course. We discuss the impact of stress on the facilitator and how he/she can manage that stress, while remaining alert and calm.

This course is a must for those who work in a managerial capacity or have substantial face-to-face workplace interactions.

A one day course requiring active participation. While the class is engaging and fun, the core components of handling and successfully moving past conflict peacefully, remain at the forefront of the instruction.

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