Offering specific training and guidance in personal safety awareness.

Personal Safety Program

Kes-Ra ProgramWhether we are concerned for our safety during that short walk to a parking garage, train station, or store, or even how to react to violence in the workplace, Kes-Ra provides strategies, guidance, and techniques to defend against or simply avoid threats.

Disturbing statistics tell us that one in three women at some point in their lifetime will be the subject of assault (World Health Organization, United Nations). It seems we cannot turn on the news, read something on social media, or pick up a newspaper without hearing about acts of violence directed at women and young people, or those groups targeted because of their religious affiliation, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Studies have shown that women are increasingly concerned about their safety. Kes-Ra has first hand knowledge of strategies to reduce risks and ultimately defend against aggressors.

Looking into the mindset of an aggressor and identifying behaviors that increase the possibility of an attack, Kes-Ra teaches ways in which to avoid confrontation and risk. We talk about self defense and the law – what is permissible and what is not to keep ourselves safe. The program quickly transitions into practical instruction with elements of simple and employable self-defense techniques.

Participants are required to wear comfortable clothing and flat footwear so they can perform techniques.

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